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Hillary: It’s about Our Country’s Road

Watch this and listen to what Hillary has to say.  Do we believe her?


7 Responses

  1. […] …. wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptWatch this and listen to what Hillary has to say.  Do we believe her? […]

  2. I absolutely believe her. You know I’m not in Hillary’s camp, although I like her better than any Republican. It seems that this constant badgering of her is ridiculous. If she speaks out strongly, as she did in the last debate, she is called “shrill”. If she speaks with her heart, she’s called weak. Yet, if John Edwards talks from his heart, he’s called passionate, if Obama speaks out with force, he’s called strong.

    When she was First Lady and she believed that the things being said against her husband were untrue, she blamed a “right wing conspiracy”…now, I have no doubt, this is what she was hearing from her husband. Then when all of the tapes came out and she realized that Bill,indeed was cheating on her, she was badgered and the press was talking about how “cold” she was because she didn’t cry in public.

    No man has to go through this kind of scrutiny. It’s ridiculous. Not to mention, there were plenty of times Bill Clinton and even George Bush, Sr. were brought to tears over certain events…no one said they couldn’t lead, they called them “strong” men who weren’t afraid to show emotion.

    I’m sorry if this is comment is disappointing to those who hate Hillary, but I believe in being fair, even if I don’t like the candidate.

  3. Yep, I’m not a particularly Hillary fan – only because she sounds so status quo so much of the time.

    I almost started crying myself listening to her and watching her BECAUSE I totally, TOTALLY understand the desparation to get this country BACK ON TRACK! And that’s what I heard from her.

    Now, I just happened to catch a few minutes of Hannity & Colmes. Some guy was talking to democratic voters in NH somewhere. The men – at least a couple who talked said they didn’t believe her; one went so far as to say it was due “to the blogs” reporting on her not demonstrating emotion. The women who spoke were adamant….she got “choked up” and was simply attempting to regain her composure.

    You’re exactly right, M.E., none of the men go through this bullshit. I’m sick of it. All this shit because she IS a woman. Her hair, her attire, her speech patterns, her lack of emotion OR emotionabilty.

  4. Wordsmith-

    I agree with you. Of course, those who hate Hillary always find something to bash her with. I don’t understand it. How come the right wing thinks it’s cool when Rep. Boehner bawls like a kid who had his lollipop taken away, and if Hillary chokes up a little, she’s manipulative? Honestly, the hypocrisy is that crowd of right wingers is overwhelming sometimes…almost makes me want to cry. 😉

  5. There is definitely a double standard: a woman who shows her “tender, caring” side is seen as weak, but tough talk is interpreted as bitchiness.

    On the other hand, there is also definitely a personality factor at work: she lacks charisma and just doesn’t come off as personable. In contrast, a woman like Madeline Albright (political stances aside) would project the right combination of sincerity, approachability, toughness, and smarts.

    But the bottom line is that by responding publicly the way she did in this video, she is reinforcing the perception that her campaign is over!

  6. I am one of the few who thought that Hill showing a human side was going to HELP her. I was one of 18% who offered this viewpoint in a poll last night; damn near 70% thought it’d hurt her.

    The Chimpromised MSM has been portraying her as an automaton on autopilot for her whole campaign; how could she have made a BETTER move than exposing her humanity? Folks don’t think these things out very far.

    As for whether I believe her or “change,” I’ve made my positions on both of them very clear. I’m ever the skeptic.

  7. […] …..I absolutely believe her. You know I’m not in Hillary’s camp, although I like her […]

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