Guantanamo Protest in Boise


Scurrying around doing errands, I just happened to drive down Jefferson and look what I stumbled onto. My immediate thought was, “Shit! I’m going!” I dang near pulled over to join ’em, almost foregoing what I was supposed to be doing under time constraints.

As you can see in the photo, there’s a cage complete with a couple of orange garbed, shackled prisoners somewhat simulating conditions at Guantanamo. There were quite a few signs as well.

Eye on Boise caught it as well.

And, of course, there were the ever present ‘watchers.’ gitmo-protest-watchers-1.jpg Although, it should be pointed out, that one state police officer who has been assigned to the Capitol for many years told Diane and me last summer that in all the years of his assignment, ‘our protesters’ hadn’t been the source of trouble.


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  1. I often hear that there aren’t enough protests, but I think in many cases they just aren’t reported. I know there were pretests in the Chicago loop when Bush was here last week and it didn’t make any of the news stations that night, nor the newspapers as far as I could see.

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