Diana Rowe Pauls at ‘We Have Failed Our Duty as Citizens‘ had yet another interesting survey on thebooth2.jpg presidential candidate “represents your beliefs the best.” Notwithstanding the grammar, it’s quite interesting. It’s Glassbooth and it really breaks down the similarity and differences well with links to further delineate.


  • 90% similarity with Mike Gravel
  • 89% similarity with Dennis Kucinich
  • 83% similarity with Chris Dodd (even tho he’s no longer running , I’m very impressed with Mr. Dodd)
  • 81% similarity with John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, & Barack Obama

This is good to know:

  • 58% with Ron Paul (kinda scary)
  • 50% with Uncle Rudy
  • 46% with Grampa Fred
  • 40% with Blandana Mitt
  • 30% with Duncan Hunter . . . .

5 Responses

  1. Did you notice that Hillary Clinton has been left off the list of candidates? What’s that about?

  2. No, Mary Ellen, her name is in the pull-down list, especially if she’s not one of the top three with whom your views are compatible. Did you find it?

  3. Wordsmith- yeah, that’s where I looked for her. For some reason, her name wasn’t there. Let me check again…but I even refreshed to look at it again and it wasn’t there.

    I’ll check again.

  4. Oh I hope my hs English teacher doesn’t see my blog! ARRGHH! That’s what happens when I try to squeeze in some time to blog…

  5. It wasn’t your grammar, Diana. It was something at the ‘Glass Booth.’ I don’t know what it was but grammar and spelling always piss me off, even I’m just as guilty at time.

    Listening to Obama on MSNBC and multi-tasking at different blogs.

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