Idaho Rundown a bit happened last week and I wanted to quick comment on a couple of them. I’d lik to point out that graphic to the left <== from the Ada County Democrats. Just luv it!

Richard Stallings resigned as chair of the Idaho Democratic Party. The IDP’s central committee chose Keith Roark to replace Stallings. I don’t much know about Keith, but this comment certainly endeared him to me. Channel 8 has a bit of info on him as does his law firm’s web page.

While other freshmen congressman hit the ground running, Bill Sali just hit the ground. Since Bill Sali admits that he cannot effectively represent Idaho in Washington, voters of the 1st Congressional District will soon have an opportunity to elect someone who can.”

He also released this statement following his appointment, cautioning Idaho Democrats about the ‘cold, hard reality’ when it comes to elected officials in Idaho. He places the results of not winning legislative offices in some very stark, strong language. It’s well worth the read.

There is no accountability for our top elected officials. Idaho currently has a United States Senator who has disgraced our state and placed his own petty interests above the good of the public. We have a United States Representative whose comments about Islam show not only ignorance of the Constitution but a total lack of common decency. We have a Governor who never holds a press conference and disdains the very notion of public access to elected officials. Where there is no effective, two party system there is no accountability. Where there is no accountability there is no responsibility. Elected officials, under such circumstances, eventually ignore not just those who did not vote for them but those who did as well….”

Then we learned that the guest speaker for the Frank Church banquet was to be Markos (Moulitsas Zúniga) from ‘The Daily Kos. This from the usual suspects of the Idaho blogosphere. In all fairness, I have not been much of a reader of The Daily Kos. (My starting place was ‘The Agonist‘ which I’ve been following since before the invasion of Iraq, not to mention the hundreds of other places I check or visit. However with urging from a few friends at The Unruly Mob I’ve branched out a bit to the encompass the Orange Monster in my daily reading or look-see.) Last year’s guest speaker was Loretta Sanchez from California. The banquet is a fund raiser for Idaho Democrats, and this year will be held on March 1st.

I’ve started saving my dimes and quarters.

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