Barack Obama’s Second Office

So Obama’s campaigning is opening up another ‘branch’ in southern Idaho. This branch office will open in Pocatello, Wednesday, January 16th. Some heavy lifting prior to the causus February 5th. Those campaigners will have their work cut out for them.


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  1. Whoops — the article has been taken down already, but here’s it is on another site:

    I’m glad Obama is fighting the good fight on a grassroots level. Just say no to political dynasties!

  2. Thanks, Rich – I’ll use the story from our own KTVB, Channel 7; it’s the same story (version) that on at Channel 8 in Pocatello. It was the AP’s story. Plus, I might’ve corrupted the url. Late night blogging….. 😉

  3. Wordsmith- the one thing I can say for Obama, he’s good at getting an organized ground crew to get the word out. He did a good job in New Hampshire and came close to winning that one. My daughter said that almost every day there was an Obama supporter at her door giving her pamphlets and talking him up. I think he might have won NH had he not done such a bad job in their debate.

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