Nancy Pelosi Thinks We’re a Joke?

The Divine Democrat was watching C-SPAN the same time I was yesterday when I saw Nancy Pelosi. I saw her jabbering as I was passing through flipping channels, and then I came back to see what she was discussing. It was a press conference, and she was discussing the economy. The very last question posed to her was about her “impeachment is off the table” stance.

Now Mary Ellen is pretty darned upset with Nancy. She thinks Nancy is mocking those Americans who are insistent on impeachment remaining on the table. I can’t find the video on C-SPAN. The website for Speaker of the House isn’t ‘working’ or loading.

Pelosi did say something about going through airports and seeing people wearing buttons which say, “Impeach.” I thought she was a tad more receptive than Mary Ellen did, but it could be hope against hope with me.

Sooo, Nancy can’t put or have impeachement on the table but she can make folks in the House cafeteria eat “more local, organic, and healthful.” And even this isn’t without some controversy.

The changes, instituted last month, would barely rate a mention in, say, Berkeley, Calif. But to some people here they represent an elitist misuse of public funds, and possibly a bit of anti-industry propaganda……pretentious esoterica. Questions have been raised over whether the decision to stock a particular brand of organic yogurt was motivated by political donations.

Pretentious esoterica, indeed.

Aha! Found something! From Reuters nonetheless…..

“I go through airports, and people have buttons as if they knew I was coming,” Pelosi said with a smile, mimicking a protester pointing to an “Impeach” button on their chest.



I thought that was stupidly presumptuous of her. People wear the goddamned buttons because they want these assholes impeached for lying to the country, NOT because they think Nancy will show up at the airport. As she said at the press conference yesterday, she wants to help unify the country. Uh-huh. Haven’t we heard that mantra before?


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  1. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that if they say they won’t impeach or heavily investigate Bush, they’ll quit with the “Bush Derangement Syndrome” bullshit. But you know, if investigations turn up an impeachable offense, I’d like to see Bush & co. face the consequences. It’s not a great idea to just shrug at crimes committed against our country by our leaders.

  2. Because there are crimes that have been committed, and there is absolutely NO reason not to prosecute or make them accountable. I ran across a couple of books that put things in good perspective, as well as someone I know from keeps on top of the latest on indict dick & George.

  3. I have no doubt that Nancy thinks that no one can unseat her from her leadership position. I hope she’s proved wrong. You don’t mock those who made it possible for Democrats to have a majority leadership. She’s such an elitist and I hope she’s knocked down a few pegs….no, I hope she’s out of office all together.

    Thanks for linking to my blog, btw. I appreciate it!

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