John Edwards’ Butt Kicking

Here’s the preeminent source on John Edwards’ recent disappointment, from McClatchy. Brace yourself, and please read the comments.

Addendum: 1/21/08, 11:35  am:   In checking out the pingbacks, I found a very interesting analysis of the money being spent in helping the American people choose their next Democratic president.  Jed at The Jed Report  delineates the  out-spending of John Edwards (and, consequently of course, the lesser ‘known’ candidates: Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel who are still in, as well as Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, & Bill Richardson) by the Obama and Clinton campaigns.  He calls it the money blackout.  Now why is that?  Why is the freakin’ media so intent on narrowing the field for us?

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