Conversion Happens with Human Connections

Searching for one thing, found another. I went looking for this story, got sidetracked when I saw this “headline” (A Change of Heart: From Pro-Life to Pro-Choice). Began reading that story and found a gem that started me thinking.

I found this quote within a story on a woman’s ‘conversion’ from “prolife” to “prochoice.” The speaker is Dr. Megan Gilliam (pediatric and adolescent gynecology- University of Chicago hospital)

“Conversion happens with the human connections. …… People are able to live with a lot of grey. It’s people with no experience whatsoever who can live with black and white.”

That reminded me of something I heard a bit ago (last week) from some idiotic pundit I’m sure, who I think, was downplaying Obama’s lack of experience. He brought up the point that George Bush had not been outside the continental United States prior to becoming president, and the stupid fuck has been president (through whatever means) twice! Now that I think about it, that pundit might of been Olbermann. 😉  The conclusion seemingly was in relation to Bush’s apparent lack of connection to people and his apparent ‘isolation’ as a child and an adult as evidenced by not straying outside his “class” or even geographically, outside the United States where he would have had (supposedly) a more unfiltered view of folks.

I’d be interested in comments. Is it necessary to have that human connection to maintain or have empathy with people’s circumstances and their trials?


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