My District Roundup

Since Mountain Goat has the Bill Sali Circus and the roundup from District 1, I thought it would be an opportune time to offer my own for District 2. See, that way I’ll remember where I live – exactly, and The Blogmother (Julie) can stop pointing out the obvious to everyone but me, as to why I don’t receive mail from Bill Sali!

Let’s see what Mike Simpson has been up to lately…..


Okay – simply put, it pales next to the circus of Mr. Bill.

What I did find was a few other things:

  1. David Langhorst has a blog. He’s one of the three reps from District 16 – my district. In fact all three reps are Democrats! Les Bock, Margaret Henbest, & David. I’m happy. Vote had a bunch of interesting finds.
  2. The Idaho Statesman has a list of ‘bipartisan’ blogs or blogs that represent the political spectrum, some of which I’m not real keen linking to myself.
  3. Idaho Public TV has this to view either the House or the Senate – if you have digital cable as I do, you can watch on channels 472 and 473, respectively. There is ‘tentative convening’ tomorrow, January 24th at 10:30 am.

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  1. Been missing you, Word Shepherd. Sending a warm hello and well wishes.

    Thoughts of peace,

  2. Family business, Jumpster, and some other shit. It will settle down by the end of the week – we’re hoping.

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