Wonders of wonders – never ceasing to amaze!

Look at the editorial from The Idaho Statesman this morning.

In one of the early surprises of the 2008 legislative session, a Senate committee voted Monday to introduce a bill to protect gays and lesbians from discrimination.

Just as quickly, the bill could be dead. Maybe not a surprise, but a disappointment anyway.

The Mountain Goat Report has been all over this with some recent posts. More from the Statesman’s editorial:

A committee chairman has the prerogative to kill a bill. Sometimes a chairman can perform a real service by killing an obviously flawed idea, or some tired old proposal that has been making the rounds in the Statehouse for years. Senate Bill 1323 falls under neither of those categories.

McKenzie did the right thing Monday. He voted to print the bill, despite his personal qualms. Now, we’d like to see him do the right thing again by letting Idahoans have a say.

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