News on the Idaho Blog Front

I’ve got to work some this morning and then tend to some business involving my dad, who is 87 and suffers from dementia. He was in his mid-30’s when I was born.

geology_idaho.jpgGo – visit some of what progressive Idaho has to offer.

43rd State Blues has ‘The Stakes’ we face with the upcoming caucus & primary.

Red State Rebels has some good ongoing conversation plus information on the presidential campaigns here.

Mountain Goat Report has news on where’s Bill Sali and some surprising developments in protecting the rights of all working Idahoans regardless of sexual orientation.

Eye on Boise – updates and news from Spokesman Review reporter, Betsy Russell, in Boise. Ridenbaugh Press, Fort Boise, IdaBlue, the Unequivocal Notion is vacillating (Edwards, Obama), Idaho Rocks isn’t so much, any more….. and Tara at The Political Game is making us wait until….?

Each blog has more links to some great blog and stuff around Idaho. Take a look – it’ll give you hope.

The above map is from Idaho State University’s Geology dept. It’s wonderfully gorgeous and informative.

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