Obama Coming to Idaho!?!

Whoa! Now, what’s this?  I’ll have to turn out for this.  We’ll have to issue a summons to John Edwards, and ya know – Hillary Clinton, if she leaves Bill at home.

Presidential candidate Barack Obama is coming to Boise on Saturday, said Rep. Nicole LeFavour, D-Boise.

The Democratic Party is still working out details of the visit but he will make an appearance Saturday night, LeFavour said.

“It’s pretty momentous,” said LeFavour, who has endorsed Obama.

Obama was the first candidate for the 2008 Presidential election to open an office in Idaho.


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  1. Obama is going to Idaho?!
    The dude is gettin’ serious.
    Isn’t that like, behind enemy lines?

    Givin’ ya a hard time.

  2. Yeah, exactly! 🙂

    His campaign has had an office here for at least a month, perhaps longer. Some over at Red State Rebels.net are fans. I’m not; Kucinich & Gravel were my primary hope. Edwards was the most winnable of who I tend to agree with it.

    Obama coming here probably indicates solidifying votes for our upcoming caucus on the 5th. We’ll see……

    Now if he stops in Utah, then he really IS serious.

  3. Hey Wordsmith, will you be attending the Frank Church Banquet?

  4. Hey Wordsmith, will you be attending the Frank Church Banquet?

    Yep. How about you?

    It’s not something I can do repeatedly – throw out $75.00 – but I figure this is as important as the new chair I bought for my home office. 😉

  5. Yep, I’ll be there! Looking forward to it!

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