The Fierce Urgency of Now

obama.jpgOutside of Dennis Kucinich, not many who have been presidential hillarysticker2.gifcandidates fit close to my wants in a president. The last president I felt any pride in having as president was Jimmy Carter who, among other things, I saw as a champion of human rights.

I’ve lived in Europe (Germany) and traveled extensively throughout. I never ran into any particular trouble because I was an American, although there was that old, terribly drunken German who thumped into me when I rounded a corner one night; I about knocked him off the sidewalk he was so drunk. But I’ve never been ashamed or embarrassed about who I am or where I came from. That is until this administration.

It started not long after 9/11 when Bush started gearing up the rhetoric about pay back. He had missed the “window of opportunity” to coalesce with the world and instead started goose-stepping down the road of alienating friends and foes alike.

One thing I’ve never understood is how, HOW in the fuck anyone believed any of them, Powell, Tenet, Rice, Cheney, Bush, and what they were spouting when it was obvious to me that they were lying.

In the months following the 9/11 attacks, I found certain blogs, certain communities in which to vent, to talk, to extrapolate, and to share. One place that undoubtedly kept me sane, and helped me forego that possibility of turning into a Washington suicide bomber, was The Agonist. Because if it hadn’t been for The Agonist or many of the other blogs and on-line board communities, I would’ve broken under the strain and anxiety.

It continued, slowly swirling around like water draining from a bathtub, and then the spiral picked up speed with Bush’s “second election.” I went into mourning. Suffice it to say, it was months, several months …… leading into a year before I’d venture to watch TV news. At first I could stomach Bush, but now – now I don’t even bother watching any program on which he appears. When I hear his voice, I either switch the channel, station or simply turn it off. I’m not interested in anything he has to say unless he this to say:

My fellow Americans. Effective immediately, Dick Cheney and I are resigning and are turning ourselves over to The Hague for prosecution of war crimes.

Hate? Noo…. just a strong case of loathing.

Although a Kucinich fan, John Edwards was the one I thought could make it possible. I actually thought he had a shot at being the Democratic nominee in Denver and on to being president. When Edwards gave it up before ‘Super Tuesday’, I was bummed for a good couple of days. And, my sister and her best friends (both of whom are LDS) were even more bummed!

I’ve had reservations about both remaining candidates: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They’re not so different these two in overall stances. I was convinced I couldn’t vote for either of them. That is until the debate on January 31st on CNN. Their stances were further delineated betwixt the two Democratic candidates and definitely between the ReThugs and the Democratic platform.

With that debate I knew that I could vote for either candidate. With what I experienced on Saturday at the Obama rally, I thought he may very well be my first choice as candidate. Clinton’s responses to the question on her vote regarding Iraq and her wandering response, all I could think was – don’t bullshit me ‘cuz I’m sick of bullshit and I’m especially sick of bullshiters. Like I said above, if I realized Powell and that crowd was bullshitting us, why couldn’t those in Congress?

This past weekend I watched several presidential candidate events, and it was then that I realized the speech Obama delivered in Boise was similar in tone and phraseology as others he’s made since then. I’ve heard certain phrases but the most poignant was the quote from Martin Luther King, Jr., Obama used – “the fierce urgency of now.” I haven’t found a better phrase, which describes where this country and its people are presently, and where I think we are headed. We’re almost to the end of that dead-end road with very few upcoming side streets that allows for access away. There’s no better phrase. Yep, it’s time . . . . it is now. Regardless of the candidate chosen, I , at least will feel comfortable voting for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

At least for now I’m still undecided. I’ll be at the caucus tomorrow, early to help out. I’m listening to Hillary right now at a townhall meeting on the Hallmark channel.


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  2. The CA primary is tomorrow, and I’m completely at a loss as to whom to vote for. My man Edwards is out.

    Though…I am comforted by the fact that I no longer believe the who bears the Democratic standard is as important as who they beat in the general election. I want to see the Dem crush Huckabee. Not likely to happen, I know. But it’s the only way I’ll get the repudiation of the Christian conservatives that I earnestly desire.

    BTW: I’m blogging at Ragebot now. Blognonymous is done.

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