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Wed:   Got REALLY sidetracked yesterday afternoon and last night.  It was freakin’ amazing!  Just amazing!   I’ll have something up later….. my daughter eventually showed up. She didn’t get inside, but she did get to cast her vote.

17:40   It’s starting to fill in pretty good.  People are also lining for food and drinks.  No beer.


 17:22  – Jill from New West has Chuck Oxley, spokesman for the Idaho Democratic Party, who made the observation that this is first time in Idaho’s history that all 44 counties are holding a democratic caucus.


17:05  – The doors are open. The general public is coming in.

CD1’s area is much smaller by about half than CD2. Each area has assigned seating: Umcommitted, Edwards, Obama, and Clinton.

I’m waiting for my daughter to come in.


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  1. Idaho caucus round-up

    My experience? I went down to Nampa’s Civic Center a little before and was overwhelmed by the amount of people. The line stretched nearly all the way around the building and there was not a parking spot to be had in the area. Yeah, yeah, I know, maybe…

  2. I’m writing a roundup of people’s experiences plus my own of course. I post on two other blogs, both are ‘group’ blogs – 3 to 8 folks at each place. They’ll be excited to read about all of it.

    My daughter never made it inside. She did make into the line and got a ballot. She waited almost two hours and had to park 7 blocks away. She said that since they live at 8th & Brumback, she should’ve just walked down, and then had hubby pick her up on the way home from work. Now she knows and next time, next time – preparedness is the name of the game.

  3. I’ve never been to a caucus before but it sounds like so much fun!

    I think they should change the elections to the summer months instead of winter. It makes more sense to me. I also think elections should either be held on Saturdays or it should be a national holiday so everyone will be able to participate.

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