Slimy Snake Oil and Turd Salesman

So Romney drops out.


That ‘speech’ he drilled out on CNN just now was disgusting: Islamofascism, unwed mothers, out-of-wedlock babies; the battle over G*d . . . . . yak, yak, yak…..

 (And – someone tell me again why the likes of Joe Scarborough & Chris Matthews allowed a platform?)


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  1. What happens to the delegates that the candidates have when they drop out of the race? I was just wondering….

    My dog wagged her tail when I told her the big mean dog abusing GOP candidate dropped out of the race. I think she just heard “Blah blah blah blah” which in dog talk means, “Do you want a treat?”

  2. I asked at a couple of sites, mary ellen, to be sure. My understanding is that Romney is suspending his campaign so he still controls his delegates and at the GOP convention (if he waits that long) he can give them to whomever. He can release them, too.

    If he had dropped out completely, then my understanding is that the delegates are forfeited, and…..? ?They then can choose their another candidate?

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