Two Days Out from Our Caucus

idaho-caucus.jpgWell! I started out live-blogging, but was wildly sidetracked for a few good reasons.

One was that I sitting on the first level at a table with my laptop propped open, and people would drift over, stop, and ask a question or two because apparently, I and the guy sitting next to me, according to them, looked like one of us knew something. I kept telling them, “but we don’t know a damned thing – really!”

The easiest: “Where’s the nearest bathroom?”

The hardest: “What are the boundaries for CD1 and CD2?”

Now since I live off Cole Rd, I know Cole is the dividing line. My neighbor across the street, who works for Idaho Public TV, is in CD1 (Bill Sali IS his rep! ~ snicker) and I’m in CD2. And that’s about all I know about that. I don’t know where the other three boundaries fall, however. I am determined to get a small map of said division.

I was also trying to keep up with what was happening on New West’s open thread and people watch; that was hard. And then when the results started coming in, I chucked live-blogging out the window. Folks were hovering over my shoulder, chattering, peering at the tiny screen, giving me directions on which network to stick with. We determined that CNN was much more aggressive in their calling caucus or primary results for Obama or Clinton than say, MSNBC. We never did understand how with 0% reporting, one candidate could have 36% and the other 64%. I’m still flummoxed over that. Weird.

A few things I found interesting:

  • All 44 counties of Idaho had a democratic caucus and that was the first time thing in Idaho history.
  • There was a German TV crew from the public broadcasting company ZDF in Germany working on a documentary; Kathy Ellis from Ada County Dems was fairly certain it was ZDF. (My apologies to Jill at New West for driving her crazy over this one.)

Unequivocal Notion has quite a roundup of different media and blogs from around the state with photos, etc.

There are some photos at Red State Rebels and Gary O. Grimm’s blog; Eye on Boise has several posts on the caucus here. The Unequivocal Notion, & Mountain Goat Report fill it in from Nampa; Idaho Rocks gives Boundary county’s prespective (it’s up by Canada), as does morialekafa; Huckleberries Online – Kootenai county. Fort Boise also has a couple of raucous blog posts about Boise, too.

Some raw uncut video of interviews after the caucus from KTVB in Boise, as well as The Idaho Statesman’s photo essay. The link is in the photo above, which is from their photo essay.

It was a wonderful experience. Although my daugther called me about 15 times, she never did get in. She did get a ballot and was able to cast a ballot, but there just wasn’t any room. She said traffic was crazy, parking was crazier, and standing in line for almost two hours was the craziest.

She waited almost two hours and had to park 7 blocks away. She said that since they live at 8th & Brumback, she should’ve just walked down, and then had hubby pick her up on the way home from work. Now she knows and next time, next time – preparedness is the name of the game. OOooo-kay.


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