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Hillary and Obama Next Door

UPDATE: This morning I talked with a volunteer at the office of Kootenai County Democrats, as well as the office of the Idaho Democratic Party. The Kootenai County Dems were going to take a look and get back to me.

The consensus seems to be this commenter is around the same intellectual stature as those individuals who sent out this email about Barack Obama some time ago.


I was over at the Spokane Review website looking for additional information on a story about Tamarack. Front and center were pics of Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama that led into the stories, comments, video, and photos from the campaigns. Interestingly, I found this comment on the Hillary Clinton side:

Idaho pleas for you to vote for Hillary
5:58 AM Feb 9

Please vote for Hillary!! Consider how your neighbors from Idaho voted. Idaho selected Obama because Idaho saw it as a chance to exploit the fact that Idaho votes for a half African man. Let’s show the world Idaho isn’t racist was their campaign (CDA Democratic party) slogan. Idaho democrats even wrote articles proclaiming Obama was raised by his 100% white mother and his 100% white grandparents. I live in Idaho and it is embarrassing enough that it is a far right wing nut state. I was horrified with the Idaho Democrats tactics and reasoning for Obama. There was no logic or opportunity given to Hillary. We were railroaded by our own Democratic party in Idaho. Don’t let this happen in Washington. Vote for Hillary for the right reasons!!!

Now upon reading the comment, to me, the ‘CDA Democratic party’ would refer to the “Coeur d’Alene Democratic party” or more specifically, the Kootenai County Democrats although going to their website yields nothing.

What’s the likelihood this commenter’s statements are close to being accurate? Ideas? Thoughts?


11 Responses

  1. Yea, but what about Barack O’everything to all people? I have a lot of thoughts about this new up and coming charismatic guy with no faults. You can read them at:


    Check it out and let me know what you think.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. I find it just about impossible to believe that people would elect a (1/2) black president of the United States just to prove that they’re not racists.

    Today I stood in what I thought was the most racist state I’ve ever inhabited and I watched over 1000 white people over whelmingly stand up for Barack Obama. It was awesome.

    One good thing about Mainers…if they’re racists, they’ll come right out and tell you.

  3. If anything, maybe some idiot sent an E-mail to some people — I can’t see even a local Democratic Party organization putting out something that dumb.

  4. I don’t know who wrote that comment about Hillary, but the ideas contained in that statement are certainly not my experience of Idaho. I have lived here for 20+ yrs., my husband is an Idahoan as well as a blogger, and my son is an Obama supporter. If “Hillary pleas for you….” really thinks that Idaho voted for a half-black man to prove it’s not racist, I think that person has air and bizarre thoughts between their ears. People in Idaho want change. Obama stands for that change. People in Idaho, many of whom are on the low end of the socioeconomic scale, want change, and Hillary, who raises money in Sun Valley for her Senate campaign is not considered the candidate of change, nor the candidate of low-income families. Furthermore, Republicans in this state HATE Hillary. I think their hate is irrational, but if, in the end, she wins the Democratic nomination, then every wing-nut in Idaho will come out to vote against her. A sorry state of affairs, but probably true none-the-less.

    Finally, we have a lot of great chairs and great central committees in north Idaho, an area that was Democratic through and through until the unions were kicked out and/or destroyed and privatization moved in.

  5. Neither can I, Joel. It really did remind me of that stupid email that morialekafa on his blog, but wouldn’t give the name. Although you had no qualms. 😉

  6. Idaho Rocks…

    No – the commenter is saying that the Coeur d’Alene Democrats put out the bullshit about Obama claiming that was their campaign slogan.

    Let’s show the world Idaho isn’t racist was their campaign (CDA Democratic party) slogan. Idaho democrats even wrote articles proclaiming Obama was raised by his 100% white mother and his 100% white grandparents.

    I get so sick of this shit.

  7. After being told I was a racist for no other reason than I was not supporting Obama was enough for me to see that there are a lot of idiots who say idiotic things and if it doesn’t come directly from one camp or the other, I don’t listen to it. Our party is in big trouble.

    What concerned me was when Hillary was asked if she would support Obama if he won the nomination, she said very quickly, “Of couse!” “The important thing is that we get a Democrat in the White House.” Then Obama was asked the same question, he didn’t answer it. Instead he said the problem is “If I win, I know Hillary supporters will vote for me, I don’t think my supporters would vote for her.” Michelle Obama, when asked that question said that she “would have to look closely at Clinton’s issues and then decide, she couldn’t say right now.” She hasn’t looked at Hillary’s issues yet?

    This does not help to give unity to our party. When Obama said that, I made up my mind that he wouldn’t get my vote under any circumstances…his arrogance ruined it for him with many Hillary voters.

  8. Solis Doyle, is dispensable, she has served her purpose to help us win the latino vote in the big states. We no longer need her or the latino vote to capture the white house. The women and black vote will now carry the Hillary campaign the rest of the way. Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton replaced campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle with longtime aide Maggie Williams on Sunday. Ms. Clinton believes Maggie Williams is a better choice to target the women vote. Clinton said in a statement. “I am lucky to have Maggie on board and I know she will lead our campaign with great skill towards the nomination.” This is a race to the white house, not a popularity contest. If the latino community feelings are hurt because Ms. Doyle services is no longer needed, I will address those issues after I am president.

  9. My understanding is that BOTH Solis Doyle and Maggie Williams are and have been longtime staffers with Mrs. Clinton.

    Personally, I could give a shit who her campaign manager may or may not be, will or will not target. I want a PRESIDENT, a DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT.

    Now, my preference was John Edwards; it’s still John Edwards. Of a choice between Clinton and Obama, I’ll go with . . . .

  10. The Clinton campaign didn’t have a healthcare plan befor it felled and they don’t have one now. Well to be honest, if everyone is a goverment employee, then the Clinton healthcare plan will work for everyone. Unfortunately some are self employed, independent contractors or work for private employors or small business. Under the Clinton healthcare plan these people would be penalized if they don’t pay for their healthcare. This means that most of your family members and friends will have their paychecks garnished. We all know that it doesn’t stop their if it is a goverment enforcement. There will be fines and then misdemeanors which is a criminal offense defined as less serious than a felony. Why did Ms. Clinton decide on this approach? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Big business, big Corporation call it what you will, they want their money back and in order for Ms. Clinton to get their support in her race to presidency she is giving victory to one side (the healthcare providers) by promising to them that she will have the poeople wages garnished if they continue to give healthcare. Thus allowing her to shout the words “UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE” This is a shady tactic and makes fools out of every american that falls for trick. The Obama healthcare plan is for the people. Poor people, middle class and rich people can rest assured that there is no tricks or penalties in the Obama healthcare plan. VOTE OBAMA!!

  11. Again,I’m seeing Hillary Clinton’s health care plan distorted by the Obama supporters. Look again at her site, not at what Obama is telling you. In fact, he’s been lying on the campaign trail and saying that he has a universal health care plan, I have the quote to prove it.

    The fact of the matter is, the country wants universal health care and she is offering it. We pay, out of our paychecks, or social security—something we won’t see until we are over 60. I don’t see why we can’t take money our of our paychecks for health care that we need NOW. She also made it clear that the only people she would want garnished wages was from those WHO COULD AFFORD IT. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it into the Obama diatribe. The type of insurance would be the same as Congress’ and it would be made more affordable for those who have little money. Those who can’t afford health care could still get healtcare, they aren’t being left out. They will get their healtcare subsidized by the government and they will get tax breaks to help them. Even those with NO money will receive health care. She is only asking that those who could pay for it, do so.

    Get the facts straight before you spread the Obama propaganda! Go to Hillary’s website and get the real scoop.

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