Dog Rustling

Where else, but in Texas.

I just could not resist when I saw this quote in the New York Times:

“You could have handled it better.”– HOMERO CANALES, to his client Grace Saenz-Lopez, who resigned as mayor of Alice, Tex., and now faces felony charges after she told her neighbors their dog was dead, then kept it.

Be prepared, there are a number of people involved and every single one has a different name. Of course, I may be the only one suffering from this malady in which I’m only able to keep track of the involvement of two different persons (names) at a time. Throw in a third party, up go my hands, and out comes my complaint, “This is getting compliCATED!

The drama began last July when the dog’s family was leaving for an annual long weekend at a water park in the Texas Hill Country. They parked Puddles, whom they had bought for their son Joseph and three other children for $500 the previous February, with Ms. Saenz-Lopez and her husband, Paco, a retired police officer.

The dog was suffering the dire effects of a severe household flea infestation, treated with strong chemicals, that left him in need of a $700 transfusion the family could not afford. Still, they thought the dog was rallying, and they left medicine and food for him.

But when they called to check on him, said Ms. Cavasos, 37, a licensed vocational nurse, Ms. Saenz-Lopez reported that Puddles had died and been buried in the backyard of a new house she and her husband were moving into several doors down.

Now, I have no idea where Alice, Texas is, how large a population it has nor any other thing about it, but it does appear the entire town was close to having everyone involved – whether they wanted to be or not. But when it started garnering interest from the larger cities around Alice, Texas – yep, you guessed it……

Then things got zanier.

Ms. Saenz-Lopez, confronted on her porch by a television reporter, insisted that she was actually her twin sister — until the reporter called out “Ms. Mayor,” and she turned around.

As public pressure mounted, Ms. Saenz-Lopez reported her dog Panchito missing and pointed a finger at her neighbors. Mr. Gutierrez insisted that police officers search his house. No Shih Tzu. Then a crew from KZTV in Corpus Christi taped the dog on Ms. Garcia’s ranch outside town.

Butttt…..there’s more to the name Alice, Texas to be noted; there is that directly below, but there’s also some music:

The case, which has made headlines around the world, has left the sisters pariahs here and given Alice a new claim to fame 60 years after a suspiciously full ballot box in Precinct 13 gave Lyndon B. Johnson a disputed primary victory, setting him on the road to political stardom.


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  2. Holy cow…that sounded like one of those made for TV specials. Crazy. I’m not sure if its’ the hot sun or too much inbreeding in those families, but I have the feeling the dog is the only one with a brain in that group.

  3. That’s nothin’, mary ellen! MSNBC has video!!

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