What if Alaska Really is Melting?

Someone alert the dumb asses in the Idaho legislature! Alaska is MELTING!

Ohh, okay – so it’s not Alaska but Santa Clause’s place. Close enough…..

New data this winter on Arctic winds and currents indicate that next summer’s ice loss at the North Pole may be even greater than 2007’s record-setting shrinkage.

The last remnants of thick, old sea ice are dispersing, and the unusual weather cycles that contributed to last year’s loss of ice are continuing, a climatologist told an Anchorage conference Monday.

The New West provides us with the adventures of Sen. Kate Kelly’s (D-Boise) in confronting some of the bald-faced ignorance in the Idaho legislature. However as always greed might win out:

The bill’s emphasis on economic opportunity seemed to make the hot topic of the existence of global warming temporarily cool enough to handle.

Per the untamed shrew – 43rd State Blues:

Now here’s the sad part. Apparently some “skeptical” senators on the committee wonder whether global warming is real. For instance, according to the New West article, Senator Dean Cameron of Rupert said that “in order to buy that logic, you have to have a firm belief that global warming is a fact, and I don’t know that I’m all the way there yet.” And Senator Monty Pearce of New Plymouth chimed in, “I still struggle with global warming. There’s still a national discussion on this, and we’re asking a committee to use their resources on something we’re not even sure is going to really happen.”

No, wait; I think some of them are commenting over at the Anchorage Daily News website.


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