Fuck David Frum

I usually watch ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ on HBO.  Due  real-time-with-bill-maher.jpgto the writer’s strike I hadn’t because, well because – basically – his stuff stunk without his writers. However, the writers have now returned and last week’s show was pretty damned good.  But I’m not going to talk about last week’s show; I’m going to talk about THIS week’s show.

Now, I damn near didn’t watch because the guests were all fuckin’ right wing nutballs: David Frum, Jack Kingston (R-GA), and Amy Walter. {I have absolutely NO idea who Amy Walter might be; she mostly just SAT there}.  Kingston is another incredibly stoopid white boy in the same class as Idaho’s own, Bill Sali.  Furcking jackass, he is, that one.

Oh yeah, Matt Taibbi was there as well. (Taibbi was/is a contributor to Rolling Stone magazine, which is where I first ran across his stuff.)

After the show’s airing, there’s a piece Bill usually does where folks email questions in.  This week one person referenced the lack of security at the recent Obama event in Dallas; this was towards the ‘end’ when people were allowed in.   A discussion then ensues (at about 3:35 in the video below) about the Secret Service who allegedly stopped ‘searching’ people at the Obama rally in Dallas, Tx.   Frum says “it sounds fishy…..like the middle four paragraphs of that story ended up on the cutting room floor , something went wrong. I don’t think that’s the way it happened.”

Well now. …. we just know that’s pure bullshit, because THAT is exactly what happened here in Boise when I, and others in the Idaho blogosphere, went to the Obama rally. I know for a fucking fact I wasn’t searched nor was my daughter and her friend, nor anyone around us.  Not the people in front of me, not the people in back of me. I turned around once I got inside the doors and watched no one being searched, and yes, I was surprised. Just before entering someone in uniform (they didn’t look like Boise police, but could have been) were yelling out for people to open their coats up for inspection, ‘no umbrellas, no bags.’   (Lynn Hightower, media relations for Boise Police Dept., confirmed for me that BPD & the Secret Service provided security – without going into great detail.)

Just to be sure following whisperings [The Agonist] about the security (or lack thereof), I hurriedly posed the question at Red State Rebels in the event I was mistaken about the lack of security at our Boise event. I wasn’t.  Then Teresa posted a bit more about it at Red State Rebels.   Sean-Paul Kelly at The Agonist, who is in San Antonio, btw – had this to go on from the Dallas Star Telegram.  A followup to the story came with the SECRET SERVICE defending THEIR decision to allow security precautions to lapse.

Others said they had recently attended large political events, many for Obama, where security screening was halted. Jeremy Dibbell of Boston said in an e-mail that he attended an Obama event in Boston at which “the same thing happened there. We waited for hours in line as people were screened, and then suddenly everyone was just allowed in without going through any inspection at all.”

So fuck David Frum, the ‘inventor’ of the so-called ‘Axis of Evil’ phrase – him and his co-presidential buddies, because as knew before and as has been proven once again, he’s a fucking idiot just slopping up more Kool-aid all the time and spewing it out almost as fast as it goes in.

And, Bill Maher should be slapped for allowing Frum AND Jack Kingston to spew their bullshit uncontested without any sort of challenge.  Kingston appears to not only read that major stupidly worded and erroneous email about Barack (Hussein) Obama, as Kingston pointed out at least twice during that airing of ‘Real Time’, but believed it and forwarded it to more right-wing turd droppings around the country.

Oh, you think I sound pissed. I’m sick of the bullshit and lies. You have something of substance, bring it on – in the immortal words of the worst goddamned president this country has seen, all with the help of shameless idiots like David Frum. Bring It On. Because this time, this time – we’re fighting back not with just ‘both barrels’ but with every goddamned one we have – all of ’em.

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