Tim Russert to Denouce Fred Phelps?

Disclaimer: I thoroughly CANNOT stand Tim Russert.sockandrussert1.jpg

All right, that’s out of the way.

Just suffice it to say I’m not impressed with him or his interviewing skills. I never have been. While we’re on the subject of television pundits, Chris Matthews is a worthless shit as well; oh yeah, so is Candy Crowley.

I digress . . . .


After watching Tim Russert grab hold of Obama at the last Democratic debate, demanding some kind of denouncement of Louis Farrakhan, this just happened to be mentioned over at firedoglake. Jane Hamsher had written this, ‘Tim Russert: Obama responsible for Harry Belafonte

I think most people this side of Brit Hume winced uncomfortably when Tim Russert tried to make Barack Obama for everything Louis Farrakhan had ever said in last week’s debate.


On Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume said Russert’s questions to Obama regarding Farrakhan had nothing to do with race. If he’s just concerned about the endorsement of religious figures that might be of concerned to Jewish people, then why is he not pressing John McCain, who is “proud” to get the endorsement of John “God so loved the Jews he gave them the Nazis to drive them back to Israel” Hagee?

As GregB wondered:

Has Tim Russert denounced Fred Phelps yet?

I’m sure most know who Fred Phelps is and I think the question begs to be posed to Timmah!

A friend who is a prison chaplain alerted me to this on Netflix. If you have an account, it’s one you may be able to view it on your computer.

This compelling documentary shines a spotlight on Phelps and his followers, widely condemned as a hate group. K. Ryan Jones‘s debut takes a hard look a church that claims that everything from the poor economy to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks can be tied to God’s wrath over so-called sexual deviance.

The tie-in for these spawn of the devil incarnate to picket soldiers funerals is the apparent attempted bombing of their ‘compound’ by an IED some yeaser ago. The war in Iraq, the deaths and damage done to many are the direct result of the wrath of God, retribution for the attacks on the Phelps’ clan for being true to preaching ‘the word of the Lord.’


Sooo – I’m waiting, Tim. Like you said, “it’s a fair line of questioning.” Wellll . . . . here’s the contact information: Tim Russert – mtp@msnbc.com


Other Contact information:
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