Update on Sara

Update Bump:

Andy has posted again; Sara went into surgery late yesterday. There’s terrific news. Go, read.


Sara’s husband has a couple of updates on news about Sara’s surgical postponement and resultant tests. Go leave a message or drop a few bucks in their ‘kitty’ to help ease the financial stress.

Update: Quick Pathology

This morning, because of the weird MRI results, Sara got a brain biopsy. They removed a needle-sized chunk from her head and looked at it. Histology is negative for lymphoma; prospects of high-grade astrocytoma are (apparently) reduced based on this morning’s MRI. This does not eliminate all of the really, really bad diagnoses.

This does, however, reduce the prospect of things which kill my partner and your friend. Our hopes are better now than they have been.

Well knowing it’s not certain things, I feel somewhat relieved. I’m hoping this brightens things up a tad for Andy and Sara.

Still plenty of thoughts and prayers going out through the universe. . . .

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