Saturday Morning Catchup

girls-rock-button.jpgSara at f-words appears to be out of the woods medically via the info from hubby, Andy, who is filling in. Now those Tibetan prayer flags are out flying for Jen’s niece in Germany. [Jen is a long time companion on a women’s theology e-list I’ve belonged to since shortly after Al invented the Internetz.]


sam-adams-beer.jpgMountain Goat Report said it was “Just bidness as Usual” when a revealing story by the AP’s John Miller, broke out that certain GOP committee members terminated a public hearing on a proposed bill, flew on Vandersloot’s private plane to Region 7’s Lincoln Day festivities in Idaho Falls, then just ‘happened’ to return to Boise and cast favorable votes for a bill Vandersloot was ‘pushing.’ Jim Hansen was livid as well. Good lookin’ out, folks! A virtual Samuel Adams lager hoisted!

In light of that – March 16-22 is Sunshine Week, ~”whereas, the hallmarks of a great democracy include government transparency and accountability ~ . . .” As for Sam Adams, HBO will have a 7-part series beginning March 16th on Samuel Adams that I’ve been looking forward to watching.


Denton Darrington is taken to task big time by Tara at ‘The Political Game’ for his rigidity in allowing a measure of wiggle room for judges in the sentencing of drug offenders. As Tara notes,

Darrington seems to have forgotten about the everyday Idahoans that he used to represent, before chairmanships went to his head. He seems to have forgotten that when discussing drug offenders we are not merely discussing thugs who have held up convenience stores for whatever money they could get out of the cash register to score some methamphetamine or the meth dealers who have set up their make-shift labs in apartment buildings putting all of their neighbors and unfortunately often their children at risk. In discussing drug offenders we are also speaking of those suffering from mental illness who have resorted to prescription narcotics and we are talking about housewives who have become entangled in an addiction to pain medication after a recent accident or surgery.

To me, Darrington is typical of that entitled white male genre of folk – what I say goes and that’s that. The angry father syndrome, maybe? Case in point . . . .

SB 1281, sponsored by Senate Judiciary Chairman Denton Darrington, R-Declo, would forbid anyone under 14 from getting a tattoo, or having any piercings done anywhere other than the earlobe – even if their parents say they can. The bill also requires parental permission for tattoos and piercings for those aged 14 to 17.


Some of my favorite political haunts posted a video up that was to have been shown at this year’s annual Frank Church banquet last week. I think it was a REAL missed opportunity. (Video brazenly lifted from 43rd State Blues).




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