Are Things Getting Out of Hand Now?

So I’m over a blogmate’s blog and it’s the usual bitching about Hillary Clinton. That in itself is fine. I haven’t been much a fan of Hillary’s AnyWay. I just having been as willing as some to throw her to the wolves yet. Now over the past week things have degenerated pretty badly and have become just too downright nasty, especially when you consider these two are in the same party. . . . . running against a hot-headed nut.

Someone posts a remark about Clinton in regards to her support of torture.

She’s an angry, suspicious, man-hating Hawk …….

Now, I labeled that as misogynist. Not the ‘angry.’ Not the ‘suspicious’ or ‘Hawk.’ It’s the ‘man-hating’ that I find totally unacceptable.

It’s a phrase I’ve heard framed as an attack on women or as in this case, a specific woman. It has been stupidly assigned to feminists for whatever reason, when questions or issues have been raised that others – most often men – do not and/or will not accept a woman’s autonomy.

I will say this – attacking me for pointing out what I think is a misogynistic phrase then attempting to show me how Hillary has fucked up over the past week, while Obama has done whatever, and pointing out how ‘wrong’ I am, it doesn’t win me over. Because to put it simply, I’m not an Obama fan either.

There is no way I’m pleased with the tactics Hillary Clinton has demonstrated over the past week or so. If there is any respect left for her, it’s down to a thin, thin trickle if that great. And if what happened tonight is any indication of what’s going to happen to our party over the next few months or longer, then I really am worried and quite fearful we’ll lose the edge we have as Democrats right now. The “argument” tonight wasn’t so much about the presidential candidates as it was about labeling someone with the very phraseology “the other side” uses in characterizing women.

And in other news, Dennis Hastert’s seat – that solid, strong ReThuglican stronghold for the past 20 years went to a Democrat. That’s the edge I’m talking about.

This is a good example of what I’m talking about when it comes to Clinton lately.


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  1. Hillary is driving me crazy. I don’t understand the tactics probably ‘cuz I don’t think they’re necessary.

    I know what man-hating is code for – feminazis, hairy, lesbian – it’s an antiwoman word. The word of assholes like Rush and the hordes who listen to him.

    And by the way – what makes Bill think Obama is interested in being second?

  2. Hillary so obsessed with wrenching from
    Obama’s hands that which she thinks is her God-given right to the Democratic nomination that she may well be guaranteeing her own defeat by McCain in the General election in the Fall.

    By saying that only she and McCain have enough “experience” in Washinton to be commander-in-chief , she is endorsing McCain with her very own words since he has many more years of experience than she.

    Hillary IS a monster !

  3. That comparison and alignment with McCain, who I simply CANNOT stand, was too much over the top for me. You don’t compare your fellows to the unnecessary evil in the room. I’m sick of the sense of entitlement as well.

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