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My Peeps Have Spoken

I’m with Gordon on this over Hillary. And, Gordon is a fan of Hillary’s.

I’m getting pretty disgusted with her behavior as of late, especially over the past week. And, I don’t any Obama-ites bombarding me with shit how their man can do everything so much better; I don’t care. If I wanted Obama, you’d be reading all kinds of stuff on him; as it is, you can hop on over to Red State Rebels. There’s plenty to keep you occupied.

Jolly Roger, he’s not so much a fan of Hillary’s and he’d like to, ‘What about that ‘experience, Hill?’ Traveling to a number of foreign countries doesn’t qualify one for president. If that were the case, dumb-shit-Dubya wouldn’t be where he is now – AND, I could qualify. Sure it was while in uniform for the U.S. Army as a medic, but traveling is traveling, Hillary.

And Chris over at ‘From The Left’ refers to Hillary as ‘The Borg Queen” – oooOoooo – he is not a fan. He’s also a smart-ass, of the finest sort I might add.

The Borg Queen keeps referring to her “thirty-five years of experience” although it isn’t clear what props she gets for being First Lady — a ceremonial position and not an elected job.

I guess just being in the vicinity when important decisions are being made qualifies the Borg Queen for the presidency? So then, using Hillary’s (il)logic, the White House staff: gardeners, housekeepers, chefs and security, are equally prepared to run the country?

Well, yeah – Chris! Haven’t you seen those ads for Holiday Inn Express?

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