Idaho Political Roundup

Last week was pretty darned busy politically, several playing political musical chairs, so to speak – maneuvering, exchanging, going out, moving on . . . .

First up – David Langhorst, Assistant Minority Leader. He’s also my senator in District 16. He’s decided not to run for reelection in the Idaho legislature but rather for county commissioner.

The two-term senator said he will run for the District 2 seat currently occupied by Republican Rick Yzaguirre. District 2 covers roughly Eagle and Northwest Boise.”I just have a strong feeling that I can do more for this place – (where) I love to live – on the local level,” he said.

Les Bock will run for David’s seat; he’s currently in the House for District 16.

Kate Kelly, District 18 Democrat, who is minority caucus chair, will face a challenger,  Dean Sorenson, who is looking to unseat her.  She’s been kicking asses left and right, taking names, and coming back for more. 

Mike Burkett will step away from his District 19 seat in the Idaho Senate;  Nicole LaFavour, currently a representative for District 19 in the Idhao House will run for Mike’s spot.  Brian Cronin (Ada County Democrats) will run for Nicole’s.

Walt Minnick, who is running in District 1 against dimwit Bill Sali  is actually training for the Boston Marathon.  This is his rationale:

Over the last six weeks I’ve traveled to every county in the district. As grueling as campaigning is, it’s just going to get tougher in the general election when we’re up against Bill Sali and all of the out-of-state right-wing money that will be funneled into his bid for reelection. I need to be in tip-top shape in order to win this election. I try to eat as healthy as possible and I’m up at five in the morning almost every day to run. It’s a great way to start the day and focus on the work ahead of us that needs to be done.”

Ya just know Bill isn’t out there working to be “in tip-top shape.”  In fact, Mountain Goat Report’s thusly on Mr. Sali’s going-ons.   Although the illustrious Mr. Sali does have his fan.  Mountain Goat also provides a link to the ‘power rankings’ of the Congressional representatives.  It’s actually very fascinating and informative.


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  1. Wacky Walter Mitty better be able to run fast and far if he wants to escape the trouncing that Congressman Bill Sali will give to him or Liberal Larry Grant in November. Then, us True Patriots can start thinking ahead to what’s really important: Bill Sali for President in 2012.

  2. mHmm – Mr. Sali may want to take a closer looks at the healthy food choices at the Congressional cafeteria. No more ‘freedom fries’ and fried baloney sandwiches. This is the real deal.

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