The Mission of Religion?


Die Aufgabe der Religion: die Menschheit zu trösten, die zum Galgen geht. Die Aufgabe der Politik: Sie lebensüberdrüssig zu machen; die Aufgabe der Humanität: ihr die Galgenfrist zu verkürzen und die Henkersmahlzeit gleich zu vergiften.

The mission of religion is to comfort humanity on its way to the gallows. The mission of politics is to make her weary of life; the mission of humanity: to shorten her appointment with the gallows, and then to poison the executioner’s last meal.

*Sprüche und Widersprüche in Die Fakel, Nos. 261/62, p. 4 (1908)(S.H. transl.) Karl Kraus


The above is brazenly stolen from the Harper’s site, ‘No Comment.’ It struck me because I’m working on something tying certain morality czars to Mr. McCain and, of course, there’s alway our Chief Christian in Charge.

And, then there’s always Lewis Black.  He has a new show premiering on Comedy Central tonight. First up – Next on Root of All Evil: Oprah vs. The Catholic Church. 


.*Translation: Sayings and Contradictions



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  1. Yay! I found you! My blogroll is corrected now and I won’t lose you again. See? This proves I didn’t take the Lewis Black video from you! Let’s just say we’re on the same wave-length. Scary, eh?

    Great post, btw.

    I’ll be back daily, now. Thanks again. 😉

  2. I look forward to it. I will, of course, be heavily participating in the upcoming Blogswarm Against Theocracy, when I’ll take the time to highlight some of our more prominent Jesusistan scumbags.

  3. when I’ll take the time to highlight some of our more prominent Jesusistan scumbags.

    They make me sick. Religion is SUCH a cash cow.

  4. Well…being the good Sister that I am, I think there are a lot of positives about religion. I depend on my faith to get me through the difficult times and guess what? It’s free, doesn’t cost me a dime. I do go to church more than once a week. Believe me, they aren’t making much money off of me! I don’t have it to give, but I’m never made to feel guilty. In fact, in my parish they sent out a letter asking that we try to increase the amount we were given weekly because the church is very old, about 200 years old and needed some expensive repairs. At the time I was really struggling financially and sent the letter back with a reply that I just couldn’t afford any more than the $10 a week I was already giving. I received a letter from the pastor that said that it was not only necessary for me to send them an increase, but if it would make it easier for me, stop giving anything—don’t overstretch my budget. He also said how much he appreciated my constant presence in church and the time I was spending in volunteering to teach the catechism classes. I never pointed that out to him and being in a parish with more than 3,000 parishioners, I was shocked that he even recognized my name or knew who I was.

    No, not all religions or churches are bad. We’re not all scumbags. Just like any large government, corporation, or even race of people, there are leaders who are not good…but that doesn’t mean it’s all bad.

    Ok…sermon over. You can relax now! 😉

  5. Mary Ellen! You’re talking to another ‘repressed Catholic girl.’ Puhleeze – taught by Holy Cross sisters and later, the Ursulines.

    I think you know what exactly I’m referring to within our own Catholic church. The hierarchy, the coverups, the shit.

    My focus was and is the theocratic establishment of a certain segment of the Protestant community (and a portion of the Catholic, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League) whose beliefs in Armaggedon, etc. In fact over at JR’s place I told him about McCain meeting with Rod Parsley in Ohio.

    I know where J.R. is coming from, but he can speak for himself. It’s not about what spirituality you practice – it’s about the religionistic structures and confines.

  6. I actually disagree with the notion that any RELIGION is a good one. Religions may, and do, often have good PEOPLE in them, but the collective historical bad from those who use religion as an excuse for evil almost certainly outweighs the good that it does. I suspect religion is responsible for more premature human death than any other cause.

    As I have famously said on many occasions, faith is one thing and religion is another one. I know there are good people in religions, but I do not believe that there are any religions that can’t be bent by bad men with bad intentions.

  7. Thanks wordsmith. I know a lot of people who hate religion…my husband thinks the same way JR does. My feeling is that the roll that religion plays in the world has two sides. For instance, many hate the Vatican because this is where the leader of the Roman Catholic Church resides. To some, the Catholic Church can only be seen as evil, spreading hatred, “the whores of Babylon”, etc. But no one seems to notice the good that the church does…Catholic Charities, providing housing for the poor, food for the poor and clothing. Going around the world during times of disaster to help those in need. No one mentions all the work, time and money that the Catholic Church provided for Katrina victims. This is never discussed, only the bad.

    The Church and religion is run by human beings, not by angels. Humans sin, they take advantage of people, they lie, they kill, they hate. But because there are humans like that who are a part of religious societies, doesn’t mean “religion” is bad. There are beautiful things in every religion, Buddhism , for example. There is also bad in that religion. There are beautiful things in the Jewish religion, and there are things that aren’t so perfect.

    I guess my feeling is that you can’t throw out the baby with the bathwater….

    Does any of that make sense, or am I rambling like I always do? 🙂

  8. Does any of that make sense, or am I rambling like I always do?

    Cough…..what? What was the question? 😉

    I’m at work and for some reason cannot type on this keyboard. Later.

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