Over the weekend I watched ‘Beowulf’, the movie. Like many, I read it in high school and again in college. Although I watched it all, I didn’t care for the “presentation.” It wasn’t what I expected. I’d have to ponder why because I loved ‘The 300’ – which used the same type of cinematic device, so to speak.


Just finished watching the first two episodes of the seven-part series of ‘John Adams’ on HBO. In preparation for that, I checked out David McCullough’s John Adams on which the HBO series was based. I’d forgotten Adams defended a tiny contingent of British soldiers who had fired on a crowd in Boston.


Then I ran across this, ‘Leading to War‘ – you can watch online if you have the time; it’s 72 minutes long.

How does a government lead its people to war? How does it communicate to its citizens – and to the wider world – the reasons and rationale for initiating military conflict? What rhetorical devices and techniques are employed? And how is a nation brought to support the profound decision to wage war against another nation? These are the questions that LEADING TO WAR seeks to explore.

Being a fan of Ryan Phillipe just might have to check this one out. ‘Stop Loss’ – comes back from a tour in Iraq and is, you guessed it, stop lost…..

And I’ll guarantee you didn’t see this on the nightly news.


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  1. My husband said he watched Beowulf last week and was equally disappointed in it. Like you, I really get into the historical mini series, but I don’t have HBO, so I missed that one. I don’t watch enough TV to warrant paying for a movie channel package. Heck, I think I must watch a total of 3 hours a week on TV, if I’m lucky….except during baseball season, I watch all the Sox games and a few of the other teams games, too.

  2. All in all, I don’t watch much TV either. HBO I do get during the winter because of one series, ‘The Wire’. I use the TiVo to tape Olbermann, Bill Moyers, The Closer, Saving Grace….. and then watch on bad weather days.

    John Adams is worth the cable bill this month.

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