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Again with the Democratic Caucus Crap

About the time Barack Obama came to town, Raul Labrador (R-District 14) wrote on his legislative blog at the Idaho Statesman, ‘Why hasn’t anyone objected to the closed Democratic caucus?’ According to Mr. Labrador’s own report, he had broached the subject previously:

As I wrote in the Idaho Statesman last year, “[t] he only political party that currently holds a closed candidate-selection process in the state of Idaho is the Idaho Democratic Party.” (How can Democrats cry foul when they hold closed caucuses? – Idaho Statesman, 6/29/2007). The only way an Idahoan can participate in the Democratic caucus is if they sign a statement affirming their allegiance to the Democratic Party and pledge to vote for the Democratic Party presidential candidate in the general election.

Labrador went on to insult:

Ironically, just a few months ago, the Democrats, left-wing blogs and the local press where going wild over a Republican plan to close the primaries. According to them, this would bring about the end of civilization as we know it.

Left wing blogs?! Does the Blogmother know she’s a left-winger? I know I am! But to compare us to ‘the local press’ -(o)(0) – now that’s low. Nah, I’m just kidding. But seriously – that last sentence “…..this would bring about the end of civilization as we know it.” Trite and idiotic – my nephew used that constantly in his debate class in high school; he tried it once with me.

However out comes yet another dingbat, Brad Little (R-District 11, Majority Caucus chair BTW) who according to Idaho Democratic Party state chair, Kevin Roark – via 43rd State Blues, and The Mountain Goat Report:

Whether intentionally or not, Republican State Senator Brad Little misleadingly called last February’s Idaho Democratic Caucuses a “… closed door caucus” where “voters had to pledge to support a Democratic candidate only.” That statement is entirely untrue and Sen. Little either knows it to be untrue or is guilty of speaking without knowing what he is talking about.

[I’ll go with “guilty of speaking without knowing what he is talking about.”]

Mr. Roark’s continues on in a published statement, explaining the way the democratic caucus here works, what that meant in February, and oh – what Mr. Little failed to mention, who’s responsible for paying for that Democratic caucus – the Idaho Democratic Party.

The primary election is in May when candidates from both parties are elected, and that primary is OPEN to all voters. The paymaster for that primary election in May – the Idaho taxpayers. You, me, my neighbor across the street, my sister down the way. As Mr. Roark says:

The May primary election, at which both Republicans and Democrats select their candidates for public office, is paid for with taxpayers’ money and should, therefore, be open to all Idahoans, including independent voters. If Republicans want to close their primaries to all but card carrying party members we believe they should have the right to do so – but they, not the taxpayers of this state, should pay for such closed door proceedings.

Got anything to add, Mr. Labrador?

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