Okay – Let’s Talk Race

This is an open post, meaning, I’ll be adding to it all day as I hear things that strike me about Obama’s speech.

  • First thing – immediately when I turned on the TV (CNN), the very first thing out of Suzanne Malvo’s mouth, something about Obama and white men. I don’t know about the ‘involvement’ of the Clinton campaign in promoting race. I do know it has been HEAVILY promoted on the cable channels since before the Iowa primary/caucus – HEAVILY promoted since it became apparent that Obama ‘might be’ a contender. Of course, I also, put forth that Clinton and Obama have gotten the lion’s share of the media attention to the detriment of the other democratic candidates.

MSNBC – Joe Scarborough is talking to a black woman who run/operates an after-school program. She talked about Obama’s speech in 2004 where the spot about kids, black kids, who did well in school were accused of “acting white.” She said that grabbed her by the heart.

The other thing she said, she now sees white parents who are upset that their white children are not receiving the benefit of an after-shool program like hers. What the woman was getting at is it becomes about economics,socio-economic factors as well or besides, in place of – race. But ole’ fucking Joe doesn’t want to “get into that because it’s obvious it’s about white entitlement

As the woman said, it’s something she sees often – not daily – often. White parents, who are both in the home, both employed earning anywhere from 100k up in toto, complaining that their children are not ‘qualified’ to participate in a low-income after-school program, and bitchin’ becuase low-income black kids have an opportunity their children do not. But isn’t that just the very white sense of entitlement works?

The program itself is considered wonderful. I’ll have to find out more.


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  1. Ok, I didn’t see the program, but I’m confused. I’m assuming the after school program is for low income families, so that includes black or white,no? How did this become a black/white issue instead of what it really is, an economic issue?

  2. I’m not sure about the race of the kids involved in the after-school program or even where it’s located. I came in on the middle of it….walking into the living room.

    Joe Scarborough cut the woman off when I think she was getting ready to explain it was about economics as well as race.

    I’ve been looking for a transcript or video of it. It was after Obama’s speech.

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