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If You Want a Nation Ruled By Religion, Move to Iran.

As PZ Meyers Pharyngula points out:

This is Easter, the day Christians everywhere set aside to celebrate the day they were hoaxed by a gang of Middle Eastern charlatans into believing a local mystic rose from the dead.

And got to wear something like this –


An observation this afternoon, while driving around in search of something specific, I noticed just how many businesses were closed. What the heck?!

Wild Hunt Blog – today’s post with a look about some books and the take on paganism from a ‘Christian standpoint.’


As a religious studies major, I have, and peruse, all kinds of books for my library. One book, is ‘The Theocons‘ by Damon Linker, who lists the following questions on the back. Although his focus is on Catholicism – not Protestantism or those more commonly linked to promoting theocracy, evangelicals and fundamentalists – the questions are not any less relevant.



While living in Ohio in the Cleveland area, I ran across a regular shitload of televangelists who – it was quite apparent to me immediately – were nothing more than shams. One was Ernest Angley; others were Benny Hinn and Rex Humbard, and Rod Parsley. Rod Parsley stood out for no other reason than the few times I watched him, he was sweating like a pig roasting on a spit and mopped his face continually while speaking incredibly loudly while strutting and pacing, along with smacking some folks who were brought to the fore for prayer or healing.

I had a friend who lived in Cuyahoga Falls whose house was half a mile or so from this monstrosity of a brick tower. The complex of buildings where it was located was originally that of Rex Humbard’s ministry but was sold to Ernest Angley’s ministry. The intent was not to stretch it ‘to heaven’ or recreate the Tower of Babel (as I thought) but to put a revolving restaurant at the top to have been named The Cathedral or some such. There is a buffet restaurant nearby however, a single story thing. A blogger from Ohio has a picture here.


Religion & Ethics Newsweekly on PBS had a bit of an interview with Rod Parsley wherein he calls ‘Christians’ to “the battle of mindsets.” Don’t be fooled at ALL by his talk of ‘race issues’, women earning less than men, poverty…… here’s the issues page of his Center for Moral Clarity. He’s changed absolutely nothing. It’s just a different dress. On poverty:

They’ve contributed to the breakup of poor families. The welfare system encourages a lifestyle of idleness and discourages the traditional family. Often there are no financial incentives for the breadwinner in a poor family to work. And fatherless homes are eligible for more aid than intact families are. Under these programs, out-of-wedlock births are generously rewarded, while morally pure women are penalized.

I’ve been trying to find where I saw it referenced that “abortion is the religious right’s form of racism” and that it was a conscious and calculated political move. (It was in a book, one of which I don’t apparently own.) So Rod Parsley’s recent denunciation of Planned Parenthood’s “racist tactics” and complacency “in the death of 1452 precious baby girls and baby boys……murdering, millions of children.” Rod Parsley is no more concerned about ‘African-American babies’ than he is about chickens being housed in too-small sheds and pens.

Mother Jones has more on Parsley, who John McCain describes as “a spiritual guide.” This spiritual guide “has called for eradicating the ‘false religion” of Islam. Calling Islam ‘the false religion’ is as illucinating as this quote from Russell Johnson, minister of Fairfield Christian Church in Lancaster, OH:

From my standpoint, separation of church and state is in the Soviet constitution that the Bolsheviks wrote. Separation of church and state is not [written] a single time in the American Constitution.

Therein lies the danger – their flouting of their ignorance. Ignorant people who treasure ignorance.


A few of references I’ve found useful besides those of ‘Talk Action’, Americans for the Separation of Church & State, etc. , are here:

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