Public Displays of Patriotism & Kerfuffles

I’ve never been one for making a public display of my patriotism. It’s not necessary. And, it certainly doesn’t mark my patriotism as any greater or less than another’s.

Chris at Unequivocal Notion pointed the latest in smokescreen kerfuffles. Kevin Reichert at ‘The Idaho Statesman’: lapel-pin-ecology.jpg

If it was a kerfuffle Denney wanted, it’s a kerfuffle Denney got. . . .

Freelance journalist Nathaniel Hoffman, writing at his blog, offered this pointed retort: “PaleoMedia rarely goes on the floor of either the House of Senate, but will continue to say the Pledge any way we damn well please.”

Republican blogger Adam Graham took Denney’s side. “It’s not a matter of a power trip as some have alleged. It’s a matter of simply requesting common courtesy and respect for the House.”

So while the milestone of 4000 in troop deaths is passed in this Iraq war diabolique, the economy is shredding, we’re still dependent on foreign oil, someone is worried that “the press” isn’t saying the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of our local legislative sessions?

Quick, someone tell the teacher.

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