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Further Kerfuffles

As I said yesterday, I’ve never been one for making a public display of my patriotism. It’s not necessary. And, it certainly doesn’t mark my patriotism as any greater or less than another’s.

I attended junior high and high school in Kuna. At that time it was considerably smaller. The predominant religion was Mormon. The Catholic families I knew went to Mass either in Boise or Homedale – dependent upon where their home and farm was located. In junior high, I had a friend, Luanne, who was Jehovah’s Witness. I found out that she didn’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, and when I asked why, I learned why. I don’t remember it ever being a problem until Mr. Roehr’s class in government when we were juniors in high school, I believe. He was from Germany is all I remember, but he did question Luanne about her remaining seated. It turned into a civics lesson – fer real.

Mountain Goat also recalls something similar along with this admonition for Mr. Fischer:

This is an unfair attempt by Fischer to cast aspersions on these reporters and their credibility. There are many reasons for someone to decline to recite the pledge, one of which I learned, like many others, as a small child. Being a man of the cloth with a graduate degree in theology, it would seem to be one with which Fischer should be intimately familiar.

This despicable nasty man is “a man of the cloth” with a graduate degree in theology? Really!?! Makes you wonder whose theology, doesn’t it?

And I think Tom at Ft. Boise sums it up best for me. Unfortunately, my only reality check when I’m blogging at home is ‘the cats.’ Lucky for Tom he has someone more thoughtful:

My first response to the latest salvo from Bryan Fischer was all spluttering expletives and insulting derision, but Jeanette, who has been reading his regular pontification longer than I have pointed out that he’s not stupid, but rather malicious. In terms that the “Reverend” might understand, she observed that Sin is separation from God, and Evil separates us from one another.

Idaho Rocks contribution struck a chord because they delve into the history of said ‘pledge’ which did not come into existence until 1892 – a mere 115 years ago when you look at the age of our country, especially in terms of the establishment of Jamestown, etc.

This gross display of ignorance about American history cannot be forgiven just because they recite the Pledge of Allegiance. I sure as hell would like to know where in the U.S. Constitution it says, according to Idaho Values Alliance Executive Director Bryan Fischer ….

The next thing you know, we’ll be discussing whether wearing a lapel pin in the shape of an American flag is more patriotic than not.




6 Responses

  1. wild — i just got a chill.

    i have worn that very pin (immediately
    above the comment box) for almost
    three years, everyday, now. before it,
    i had a dove, and the words “pray
    for peace”. it broke apart, literally,
    in paris, on the metro. and i got this
    one, in france, of all places.

    before that i had a “say no to
    war” — that was prior to the actual
    declaration of hostilities. before that,
    i had one that said “not in my name.”

    t.m.i. — i know.

    p e a c e

  2. IF I were required to wear a lapel pin, it would be something like that above, which is exactly why I showed it. This is from North— North, I just forgot the name …… I can see the logo. Northwest Sun.

    I’d like to get one that says, “not in my name.”

  3. the “not in my name” medallions
    were at every natural foods store,
    and every organic eatery i visited, for
    about a year, after 9/11 — but i haven’t
    seen any in over two years, now. . .

    i’d send you mine, but it got hooked
    on my back-pack strap one day, and
    lost somewhere in the big city. . .

    will take a look around the web — some-
    one must still be manufacturing them.

    in any event, i just added my version of
    the above button to my side-bar
    , at the bottom.

    p e a c e

  4. file this one under the heading
    “nothing exeeds like excess”, heh!

    a british outfit called
    is still making the
    not in my name buttons. . .

    come to think of it, i actually got
    mine in london — in so ho. . . musta’
    been early 2002, actually. . . feb.(?)

    in any event, they are 50 pence
    each — see the image under the
    second link — p e a c e. . .

  5. here is the not in my name button:

    http://www.stopwar.org.uk. . .

    p e a c e

  6. Wow! Thank you! Without looking it up, at 50 pence I could get a slew of buttons and spread ’em around.

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