The saltarello was a lively, merry dance first mentioned in Naples during the 13th century. The music survives, but no early instructions for the actual dance are known. It was played in a fast triple meter and is named for its peculiar leaping step, after the Italian verb saltare (“to jump”).

Uh-huh, which explains why I felt the indecent urge to thrust myself around the room the first time I heard this by the band, ‘Dead Can Dance.’

Thenn…..we move on to the more classical side of the saltarello – Felix Mendelssohn, one of my favs.

Something to brighten my dismal mood –


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  1. I loooooooooove Dead Can Dance. I got to see them live once and it was amazing.

  2. Yeahh….I’m a big Dead Can Dance fan. I first heard of them on the soundtrack from the movie, ‘Black Hawk Down’ or at least Lisa Gerrard or maybe not – it might have been on ‘West Wing.’


    I saw Cirque du Soleil, which I thought was amazing.

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