Case In Point HB 516 – Update

Jayci Yaeger died overnight.

A bit of digging unearthed more information. First up – an interview with Jayci’s father, Jason, who describes the prison camp and the surroundings.

Then the letter from the prison system to a congressional rep who the Yaeger family had contacted, in which the dying of a family member is not considered an “extraordinary circumstance.”

To me, it’s obvious what’s going on – it’s actually quite simple. Authority is being challenged. AND, it is being challenged with logic AND using the very words authority has used to deny the claim from the beginning.

More on this later…… it fits into what I encountered with the VA when I was in treatment, and I hadn’t committed any crime or was in prison or camp for that matter.


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  1. I would just like to find a way to convey my deepest sorrow in the passing of Jayci. I am so very thankful that her father finally was given a chance to visit her & allow her to move onto her next phase in the life cycle. Holding on for that one last visit is so hard on all involved, lingering in pain is no way to move on. Please if you can pass on my thoughts to the family. Blessings to this great child, her energy must be of a fabulous source to have held on so long. BB Bec Wichita, Kansas

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