District 2 Candidate – Debbie Holmes

Mike Simpson has been ‘my’ representative in Congress since I returned home in 2002, having left in 1995. Like Sisyphus points out at ’43rd State Blues’

I’m sick and tired of people thinking Simpson looks tolerable because he’s not as fringey as the other wingnuts. He’s voted 100% with Bush and that’s a record you can run on.

Debbie Holmes will be challenging Mike Simpson for the opportunity to represent the people of Idaho in the House.   She introduced herself at ’43rd State Blues’ last week.   Read the comments as well, there’s some honing going on there.  She has an ‘Act Blue’ page, per Red State Rebels

There’s an introductory and organizational meeting tomorrow:

Saturday, March 29th, 2008 @ 1:00 pm 

 4121 W. State Street, Suite B, Boise*

*Our office is located west of the Veteran’s Parkway on the SW corner of Lander and State, directly behind the Moxie Java, across Lander from the Lift Bar and Grill – just past the worm bait shop (on the right) and Smokey Davis.  For you who are directionally challenged, as you’re driving away from downtown, it’s on the left.

 See ya there.

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