Monday Bits ‘n Pieces

japanese-cherry-tree-britain.jpgI’m hyped about a lot of stuff this morning although almost paralyzed with where or which to start first. So, I’m drinking coffee mulling it over.

It’s beautiful out. The massive Japanese cherry tree – outside my home office, bedroom, and living room windows – is beginning to bud and should start popping out soon. It has the most beautiful pinkish with fuschia-center colored, double flowers. I swear it’s one of the reasons I don’t move. It is such a wonderful tree. The squirrels hop down from our roof, down the tree to our balcony; then up the tree over to the roof of the next building. Birds come and eat at the feeder hung high (from the squirrels) sprinting from the towering conifer where they hang out to the Japanese cherry tree, and ultimately to the feeder.garden_path.jpg

Since I do live in an apartment, I decided to go with putting work and time into a community garden. Since moving back to Idaho, I’ve lived in this apartment, and I’m really weary of not being outside enough. It’s also one of the primary reasons I’ve packed on more weight than necessary, plus the substitution of one addiction for another = food/alcohol. However, I really miss digging around in the dirt. I worked a bit on Saturday and stood around a lot more, listening and deciding, but my back so deserved the bubble bath later on, along with the snooze on the couch with all three cats. It would’ve been longer, but Mr. Nibbles (Nibs) woke ME up snoring.

Camp Wellstone: Idaho – I registered! Got time off from work with a bit of extra time on either side of the conference/camp. So I’m really psyched about that.

I’ve finally decided to do something I’ve been tussling with for too long. St. Luke’s hospital offers a CEA program in the Spiritual Care ‘department.’ Along with that then I’ll apply to the University of Portland to begin work on my master’s. In the meantime, I’ll be helping out Boise Catholic Worker. I’ve been radicalized since I was about 15/16 reading Thomas Merton, and then onto Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin.

And then, there’s politics!

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