Mobile Meth Labs in Boise, & Then There’s Alcohol


Okay – now I’m no expert on rolling meth labs, but I didn’t realize you didn’t need one of those mega-SUVs to manufacture meth on the move.

The photo that accompanies the story from KTVB shows a compact car. Who knew….

And, of course, not to mention the obvious danger to the public at large of driving while high (regardless of the substance).

Was this like a “personal meth lab?”

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

As for this story, I might have passed it off as juvenile indiscretion except for a couple spots. This was the first:

In January, Boise police cited the mayor’s 18-year-old daughter RoAnne de Weerd on a charge of minor in possession of alcohol. RoAnne de Weerd has been a leader locally and nationally on drugs, alcohol and other teen challenges. Continue reading