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Mobile Meth Labs in Boise, & Then There’s Alcohol


Okay – now I’m no expert on rolling meth labs, but I didn’t realize you didn’t need one of those mega-SUVs to manufacture meth on the move.

The photo that accompanies the story from KTVB shows a compact car. Who knew….

And, of course, not to mention the obvious danger to the public at large of driving while high (regardless of the substance).

Was this like a “personal meth lab?”

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

As for this story, I might have passed it off as juvenile indiscretion except for a couple spots. This was the first:

In January, Boise police cited the mayor’s 18-year-old daughter RoAnne de Weerd on a charge of minor in possession of alcohol. RoAnne de Weerd has been a leader locally and nationally on drugs, alcohol and other teen challenges.

She pleaded not guilty to the January citation; a jury trial is set for May 15. A citation from 2005 for the same offense was dismissed, Ada County court records say.

Sooo – this is the second time, eh? Now at 18 and just barely classified as an adult, but not a legally drinking adult. The first go-a-round was around the age of 15. Something there surely needs to be addressed. Not about addiction necessarily – that’s not for me to call. However, the issue of underage drinking, the dichotomy between being promoted as a so-called ‘leader’ against said use of illicit drugs and alcohol and one’s personal life.

And this was an outright ‘Laugh-Out-Loud’ stunner:

“As the daughter of a public figure, I find that the choices I make are of public interest….”

Uh-huh….you mean, public official, honey. The mayor of Meridian is certainly not a “public figure” in the sense I think of public figures. Not even close; but that’s quibbling over semantics so to speak.

Other than that, yeah, no shit. Drowning in your own self-importance already. The perfect start of a classic ReThug.


There was this comment which did make sense, at least when I first read it:

We create crime and criminals

with many of our policies. We should examine how other cultures deal with these issues. Because of our religious baggage and because of politicians who pander to ignorance, we over criminalize, over incarcerate, and condemn people to a life of hardship under the label of convicted felon.

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