Little Girl Voices

Coming into the house just now I sat down to watch a bit of the news.  Earlier on MSNBC, there was a clip earlier of some of the mothers from the Texas polygamy complex talking about their children.  What struck me – besides the obvious evasion of answering certain questions – was the tenor and tone of their voices.  That would be fairly high-pitched, fairly ‘feminine.’  It grates on my nerves because there’s a certain phony manipulative quality to it.  The clip with Meredith Veira was the most striking.

One of my nephews who is 11 was complaining the other day about one of his mother’s friends who uses “that little girl voice” to describe certain events or incidents.  It drives my nephew crazy who states simply, “I HATE it!”  Now perhaps there are those men who are turned on by squeaky-voiced women because it’s about control and dominance, but apparently my nephew isn’t in that category – at least yet.


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  1. I was just at a doctors office with my mom the other day and the receptionist used that same high pitched sweet voice when she talked to us. It was as if she were talking to little babies or something. My mother is a senior citizen who is smart and doesn’t need to be talked to like a child. I was so annoyed! Worse than that, the receptionist bounced around like she was high on something…..maybe helium, who knows. 🙂

  2. WTF is wrong with me, I thought I had you on my Blogroll but didn’t.
    Do now!

  3. Here’s an antidote before the insulin shock hits: Terry Gross’ interview with Julie Andrews on Fresh Air.

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