Just a bit of an update . . . . we’ve been absolutely consumed with the affairs dealing with my dad. We go to the attorney’s office this morning to seek emergency guardianship. We have a small cadre of siblings (three out of seven) who have used my father as a bank or an ATM machine, and the flippin’ drama level is unbelievable. My language has really deteriorated – I’m using ‘fuckery’ and its various forms more. I don’t think I do drama well – or stress.

I see Bush is still the president. Where’s that goddamned Cheney? Rev. Wright has finally pissed off Obama enough for a very public disavowing, etc. April is the deadliest month since last September (2007).

As for what’s going on in Idaho. Hmmm – all I know for sure is that stretch of I-84 between Nampa and Meridian is still in the most terrible shape. And – I’m sorry, but I do not GET why the Garrity Blvd exit/on-ramp has so many accidents. I’m sure it has something to do with Calyfornia!

And – today Willie Nelson is 75!  Nope, he’s not demented; he’s just stoned.  Ya know, I just had an idea.