One Hurtle Down

The judge signed the temporary guardianship papers yesterday for one of my sisters and I to be co-guardians of my father.   This means there will be a hearing scheduled in the next 60-90 days for permanent guardianship.  We have a conservator who will handle our father’s estate (property, etc.) and measly pension from the VA and Social Security.

Now . . . things are going to be hitting that proverbial fan when certain siblings find out, ‘cuz their gravy train has lost its engine.


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  1. I’m glad to see you being able to get a handle on the situation anyway.
    The siblings can fend for themselves, you have enough to worry about.
    Keep your chin up and your head down until the fan quits spinning!

  2. Thank you, ya ornery bastard! I decided last night I’m gonna hafta write about it, it’s so bizarre.

  3. Wordsmith…would you consider this to be one of the hazards of a large family. My side probably won’t need to deal with this issue. It’s just me and my brother, but on the Frogette’s side? Whole different story.

  4. I don’t know if that’s it – truly. We have a violent family history and we’re major dysfunctional!

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