Bright Green Frogs and the Vatican

Why? Why? WHY? is it necessary for the Vatican to point THIS out.

Curators at Bolzano museum of modern art Museion said that Kippenberger’s work was a self-portrait of the artist ‘in a state of profound crisis’, but their explanation has been given short shrift by local bishop Wilhelm Egger. ‘The crucified frog has shocked many visitors to the Museion and has hurt their religious feelings,’ Egger said.


The Museion is not a simple container of artworks but a laboratory of debates and discussions, able to put into movement creative and intellectual energies.

So there, Bishop Egger.

Besides, Bob Dylan will be at the Museum, June 15th.

And – if interested, here’s a bit more on Martin Kippenberg along with some of his artwork.


3 Responses

  1. Oh! Blasphemy! Let my people go!

  2. Ya know, the first thing I thought when I saw this greenness was Kermit, but I don’t guess the Vatican is up on their Muppets. And as a painting it would be one thing, but this is a sculpture. Yeow!

  3. Once upon a time a real pig had crucified by a group of people, to dishonor Jesus Christ.

    The group of people who dishonored Jesus were punished by Nature.

    A dead volcano got life and emitting lava to destroy those people.

    No one could escape from the Punishment from God.

    Now also the fault done for dishonor Jesus Christ.

    God will punish who are dishonor Him!

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