Happy 4th of July?

Someone stopped by today to ‘read’ a couple of posts and left a message on my ‘About’ page. Now when I started this blog, I just basically threw together some thoughts to have something there. It was also to give myself some idea of how to approach this blog given my interest in politics, social justice, worker rights, etc., along with my degree in Religious Studies. All overshadowed, of course, by my propensity to cuss. 😉

Originally I wrote this:

The focus to be on social justice issues, spirituality, the effect of religion(s) upon our society and other societies around the world. Social justice in the long tradition of the Catholic Church as evidenced by the likes of St. Francis of Assisi, Dorothy Day, etc. Still thinking …. Still tuning – or not.

Today, a Mr. Fields left this in response to the above:

Greg Fields, on July 4th, 2008 at 7:55 am Said:

Lets Just ignore the terrorists and maybe the next act will be your home town. I am sick of you people We are at war or maybe you would just like to roll over and play dead and see what Islamic justice is like.

All right.

Now – I don’t see how his response relates to my defining what might appear on this blog.

However what I did notice is that stuck smack dab in the midst of his tiny diatribe is the phrase “you people.” Of course, I’m hoping someone who knows me might clue me in to which ‘you people’ camp I fall into; perhaps, a fellow blogger?

Now as for Mr. Fields ….


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  1. Guess I’m one of “you people”…


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