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I remember watching this, if I recall correctly, via the British press.  [Crooks & Liars had it up today as part of the ‘Bush flashback file’ …… oh, which came via Huffington Post.]  Carole Coleman, a journalist with RTE (Radio Television Éireann), based in Washington D.C., conducted an interview with Bush regarding his then upcoming (2004) visit with the Irish prime minister, Bertie Ahern.  As a consequence of her straightforward questioning, Bush’s staff lodged a complaint with the Irish embassy in D.C., and a subsequent interview with the ‘first lady’ was canceled since Coleman was to be the interviewer for that as well.

The most notable tactic Bush uses is the “last me finish” line when interrupted or when the questioner follows up.  He’s used to having his way, used to getting in the last word however stupid.  He’s entitled and his sense of entitlement has only deepened since becoming president.  The most annoying characteristic I find with his speech is the slowing down, the pronounced enunciation of words to indicate “the seriousness” of which he speaks, and even raising his voice.

Regardless – the video does speak to the striking difference between those who are part of the corporate media machine in the U.S. media, and those who are part of the media elsewhere, specifically European.  Coleman wrote a piece in The Times – a long piece about the interview, and the White House has a copy of the transcript on their website where you can read in print how idiotic Bush’s responses to Coleman’s questions really are.

The majority of the Irish public, as far as I could tell, was angry with Bush and did not want to hear a cosy fireside chat in the middle of the most disputed war since Vietnam. Instead of the kid-glove start, I would get down to business.

A few days ago a total nonstory was on Huffington Post regarding Lara Logan.  I remember Lara Logan being in Baghdad weeks before the fucking war began.  There was an open feed the reporters used atop the Palestine Hotel at Firdos Square and somehow we managed to get into it.  (It lasted for weeks until someone ‘snitched.’) However one story to another, and there was this video clip of Lara Logan on ‘The Daily Show’ with Jon Stewart in mid-June.

JS: “There were 51 people killed today ….. have we lost our humanity to this entire situation.” ?

LL: “Yeah, we have. …. Tell me the last time you saw the body of a dead American soldier. What does that look like? Who in American knows what that looks like? Because I know what that looks like, and I feel responsible for the fact that no one else does. … And the soldiers do feel forgotten, they do. No doubt. From Afghanistan to Iraq, they absolutely feel — you know, we may be tired of hearing about this five years later, they still have to go out and do the same job.

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Now – watch again the Carole Coleman interview of Bush, especially after seeing Lara Logan relay how she feels responsibility for how Americans view the war.


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  1. I start seething with the first words out of his mouth, talking about the very American values that he’s done so much to undermine. And calling Saddam Hussein a brutal dictator in no way diminishes the fact that he is one too. Considered from the point of view of a victim of torture, the difference between the two must seem academic.

    “Let me finish” is a tactic to reduce the number of questions he has to respond to, and allow him to switch the conversation to whatever he wants – the Iraqis with their hands cut off, for example. No doubt he’s got hours of such homilies in the can.

    The speech pattern that bothers me the most is his mispronunciation of the indefinite article. C’mon you halfbaked dolt, it rhymes with half, not baked. A fricking ONE letter word, one of the most common in his native tongue, and he can’t pronounce it. Pathetic. There are plenty of people in Europe that speak ten languages and are more fluent in their tenth than Bush is in his first. (And only? I think he might have a few words of Spanish) Pathetic. Shamefully, indescribably pathetic.

  2. Seething is an excellent word, SBT. As soon as he begins the bullshit diatribe about ‘America is a terrific country, doncha know, AND there’s a bunch of Irish folks here, btw.’

    There have been great ties between Ireland and America, and we’ve got a lot of Irish Americans here that are very proud of their heritage and their country. But, you know, they must not understand if they’re angry over Abu Ghraib — if they say, this is what America represents, they don’t understand our country, because we don’t represent that. We are a compassionate country. We’re a strong country, and we’ll defend ourselves — but we help people. And we’ve helped the Irish and we’ll continue to do so. We’ve got a good relationship with Ireland.

    It was the perfect cut away, too – the Iraqis with their hands cut off, maimed and branded (tattooed) by a “brutal dictator” …… I remember that propagandist scene at the White House.

    The seven men, all Iraqi merchants, have been in the United States since mid- April to receive their new “bionic” hands to replace the ones amputated by former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein as punishment for trading in U.S. currency. In addition to providing them with new $50,000 prosthetic hands, U.S. doctors in Houston also removed the tattoos Saddam had imprinted on the merchants’ foreheads to draw further attention to their misdeeds.

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