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Dirk the Dork

Not long after returning from Ohio, my sister and I were at Costco and I saw Dirk Kempthorne roaming the front aisles.  He had a motorcycle helmet in his hand, so I figured he couldn’t be after much.  BUT I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to confront him on SOMETHING.   As I recall what was going on about then was the re-authorization of the Patriot Act.  I’ll never do that again.  The man just had the blandest face with the blankest of expressions and without much illumination in his eyes.   We talked for a couple of minutes and because he came across so goddamned stupid, my parting shot was “Imagine my consternation when I left Idaho you were mayor of Boise, I come back and you’re governor.”  That’s the only time his expression changed.  It actually brightened.

While switching channels before leaving this morning, there was Dirk Kempthorne on the Fox News channel.  Still with the blankest of eyes (although nicely done with eyeliner) in the blandest of faces.   And that blue tie in the pic there, he had that on.  His must be his official Secretary of the Interior tie.

I’ve been trying to find the clip I saw.  Kempthorne was standing outside somewhere ‘Washintonian-like’ responding to questions from someone I believe was named, Megan (pronounced Mee-gen).  In that clip, he actually asked – did we really want to be where we are now in 7-10 years if we didn’t open up drilling because the American people would want to know why the Democrats can’t ‘ease their pain at the pumps.’

I could only find a clip where Dirk was in some studio answering questions.  But the ‘answers’ Dirk recites in this clip, however, are similar to what I saw earlier.   In the earlier clip, the questions came across as staged while Dirk appeared to be anticipating his answers – gotta get the recitation down.

According to Dirk, the executive branch has acted. It’s up to Congress now – the democrats.

Question: “…..will congress go along with this or is this just an executive gesture that will likely not get passed?”


  • When talking to the American public who feel it at the pump, the rising energy costs, and the impact on their food.
  • Well-being of the American family is affected by asking foreign sources of energy to produce more oil while we are sitting on our own reserves.

Nothing about alternative sources of energy or investing in those, but the same ole shit gotten the same ole way.

Dirk official statement:

I applaud President Bush’s important step toward expanding domestic energy production on our Outer Continental Shelf.

“With the Executive prohibition cleared away by President Bush, the Congress should now act to remove its legislative ban. We are prepared to work with Congress to remove the legislative ban and define the role of the States in this important endeavor.

“The areas that the Congress has under restriction could produce nearly 10 years worth of America’s current annual oil production and has vast reserves of natural gas.

“As Americans, pay over $4 for a gallon of gasoline and watch energy prices continue to climb higher and higher, they are surely wondering why Congress won’t allow more production of our own energy here at home, instead of simply asking countries halfway around the world to produce more for us.

“The Department of the Interior oversees energy production on the OCS, so I know that it can be done – in fact is being done – in an environmentally responsible manner and out of sight of land. Significantly, per the President’s decision today, existing Marine Sanctuaries remain off-limits to energy production.”

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