What Would Jesus Unfurl?

And here I thought the detour taken by McCain’s ‘Straight Talk Express’ over the top of a minivan was news.  Brandi Swindell has managed to wiggle her ugly little ass onto the front page of some news media.   Welll – except China’s of course.  Everything is copacetic, everyone is perfect, and there is no smog in Beijing.

Swindell said she is in China to raise awareness of the Chinese government’s religious persecution and human rights abuses.

“In our hearts we were saying, ‘This is our message,’ … but that banner could have spoken for the Falun Gong or the Tibetans … that spirit of being able to speak the truth must be embraced in China,” Swindell said.

So, she’s in China to point out the religious persecution meted out by the Chinese government. And how nice that she wants to illuminate the plight of the Tibetans and Falun Gong – most, if not all, practitioners of Buddhist spirituality.   (Jostling video of her escapade.)

Now – this is the same woman who wanted to keep a movie prop in Julia Davis park, even though said prop has found a more suitable home after the city of Boise was confronted with the likes of Fred Phelps (God hates fag fame). When that didn’t happen and the case was ultimately ‘lost’, Swindell & her friend, ‘the village idiot’ as others have referenced Bryan Fischer, were “slapped with a lien” to pay up the costs inflicted upon the taxpayers footing the bill for their frivolous shit.

‘Jesus Christ is King’ – that phrase alone isn’t consistent with the message of Christ in the gospel even via the implied monarchical pathology.  It’s all about face time for Brandi.  She’s not there for any legitimate reason (complaint) nor is she interested in those who have legitimate complaints.

BEIJING – At least two women who have protested being evicted from their homes ahead of the Olympics were taken to a police station amid ramped up efforts by activists to use the games to spotlight their causes.

Another brief detention was today (this morning) as reported by KTVB.  But as Brandi says, “It’s a simple sacrifice compared to what the Chinese people go through.”

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