They Shoulda Just Kept Her

Thanks to Chris at ‘The Unequivocal Notion‘ for alerting me.  I promptly called my sister (even though it was  11:32 p.m.) and told her, “I think you should know, the Chinese have deported Brandi.”

Fortunately it didn’t last long.  It will, however, give Swindell and her sidekicks whatever necessary momentum they think they need to do what they do best – self-promotion.

The Chinese strapped them on an Air China plane headed for L.A. where they were “greeted by supporters” sometime this evening.

The three say they were grabbed by Chinese security agents as they prepared to hold a protest Thursday in Tiananmen Square to denounce China’s abortion policy and lack of religious freedom. They say they were detained for hours, had their cell phones disabled and were not allowed to make any calls. Authorities later escorted them to the airport.

Detained for hours ….. “had their cell phones disabled and were not able to make any calls.”  But somehow their ‘supporters’ knew when they’d be in L.A.  Oh yeah, the Chinese police bought ’em Kentucky Fried

Chris has a couple of concise roundups of local news outlets focusing on Swindell’s latest.

Moving on….

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