Why Us?

Wellll …. at least it wasn’t upside down. 

But then again, it would’ve been more appropriate.


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  1. Everybody else considers him to be a lame duck but he’s obviously just playing out the rest of his time in office like it was a paid vacation. Kinda like the way you treated high school in those last couple of days in the term when you’d already written exams but were still required to attend. Except that in his case he’s already blown off every responsibility.

    I really think that in order for him to be as oblivious as he appears to be he has to be reaping the rewards from Big Pharma. He’s probably being carefully fed some of the best Pfizer and Merck have to offer, legal, illegal and experimental to buffer him completely from reality. Laura is just as zonked or more so. JMHO, of course.

  2. Bush fiddles while the world burns.

    Maybe that’s BETTER.

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