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Hallmark Playing the Gay Card?

While in Nampa yesterday, I caught a glimpse of the front page of the Idaho Press Tribune in the news box outside of the eatery where we ate lunch.  The headline read “Hallmark’s same-sex cards stir debate.”  We were in a bit of hurry or I would’ve deposited some coins to read THAT story.   After thinking for a few seconds, I thought – now why do I just know who’d be behind that ‘stirring of the debate?’

In an apparent rather bold capitalistic move, Hallmark has decided to venture out in testing limited markets for the cards below.   The Idaho Press Tribune article from the AP says there are four designs; I could only find three.  As far as ‘catching my eye’ none of these three would set my checkbook on fire.  They’re kinda cutesy – in a sappy sort of way.  Oh yeah, that’s the Hallmark way.

Mountain Goat has it right.

Cards.  These are greeting cards.  Cards don’t promote anything.  This is the equivalent of saying that sympathy cards promote death.

The thing with Fischer that outside of the hateful tone there is the cloaking this as a ‘medical issue’ rambling on about HIV and transfusing of blood products with the admonition that ” it’s simply inexcusable and irresponsible for Hallmark to glorify a lifestyle which has so many health risks.” Mountain Goat points us to the remarks from managing editor, Vickie Holbrook, from the IPT blog ‘From the Editors’:

Whether you believe in gay marriages or unions, the stores will make their business decisions based on demand. Just because someone sells or buys these cards doesn’t make gay marriage legal. We don’t need Bryan Fischer to force his values on everyone. Who appointed him our God?— Vickie

Late last night I found this story on local Hallmark shops.  They will not be carrying these specific cards when they become available to the broader national market.

A couple of side notes.  While over on the coast I saw this write-up regarding the recognition of same-sex marriages by the Coquille Indian tribe.

The Coquille Indian Tribe, based on the southern Oregon coast, recently adopted a law recognizing same-sex marriage, and its first such wedding is set for next spring.

Oregon voters amended the state constitution in 2004 to prohibit gay marriage. But as a federally recognized sovereign nation, the tribe is not bound by the Oregon Constitution.

Native Americans are “sensitive to discrimination of any kind,” said Ken Tanner, chief of the Coquilles.

“For our tribe, we want people to walk in the shoes of other people and learn to respect differences. Through that, we think we build a stronger community,” he told The Oregonian newspaper.

And, we stayed here while in Lincoln City.  We noticed quite a few rainbow type flags while driving around, but somehow missed this when making arrangements because the flag is right out front on their signage.

Huckleberries on Line has a question up.   ‘Would the introduction of same-sex wedding cards at the local Hallmark store bother you?” Quite a discussion has ensued there as well.  But this comment just takes the cake:

Doesn’t matter who’s getting married, they’re getting a sympathy card from me, anyway… Posted by Aliasjax  |  22 Aug 1:17 PM

Yep, there ya go…

4 Responses

  1. Hallmark Corporate needs to take control of those franchise owners that practice sexual harassment in the work place before it can move onto accepting same sex marriages. Hallmark Corporate sends the message that same sex marriage is acceptable yet they have franchise owners that represent the HALLMARK NAME that practice sexual harassment within its store walls. Hallmark Corporate offers no line of contact relative to sexual harassment complaints within the world of franchise owners. They may be franchise owners yet they REPRESENT THE HALLMARK IMAGE!

  2. Okay – I’ve been thinking about your response here, Kassandra.

    Now, I don’t know a thing about Hallmark franchises and how Hallmark Corporation ‘governs’ what goes on. Presumably Hallmark Corp would NOT want their name (and, as you so blisteringly point out – THE HALLMARK IMAGE!) sullied by the actions of their franchisees. I also presume that Hallmark Corp allows A LOT of leeway of their franchisees as those individuals have purchased the store that will market the Hallmark brand.

    This may be more about discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation rather than sexual harassment.

    I think Hallmark is trying to have it both ways. Keeping a particular ‘genre’ of customer by the method of omission (not overtly promoting the gay wedding cards) while allowing those Hallmark franchisees the discretion of what they carry in their individual stores.

  3. Robin, you flatter yourself.

  4. Who the hell is Robin?

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